Empowering Smarter Solutions


TT's products enable sophisticated automation and connectivity applications in homes, businesses and infrastructure; smart grids and metering technology; and industrial robotics and sensors that improve manufacturing processes.


Upgrading sensors to meet demands of the future


Enhancing power conversion and management


Accelerating IoT Roadmap by connecting products to other products


Driving Innovation to Deliver Smarter, Faster and More Efficient Sustainable Solutions


We are committed to creating positive impacts to society and reducing risk to our business, our customers and communities thorugh our technology, our solutions and expertise of our people. 





Defined R&D Investment Programme

A defined and sustainable programme of investment in R&D (currently circa 5% of annual sales), allows us to introduce new and innovative products ensuring we meet our sustainability commitments in delivering smarter, cleaner and healthier products.


Developing Skills, Knowledge and Expertise

TT’s knowledge base is focussed on our 11 R&D centres around the world developing and delivering the skills and expertise we need to keep TT at the very forefront of innovative product development.

We invest significant resources in attracting, motivating and developing the talented engineers, designers and technicians of tomorrow. We are passionate about building the knowledge, insight and expertise to deliver a smarter and more intelligent future.



We work with customers and suppliers to turn ideas and design concepts into reality using our electric engineering expertise and domain knowledge.

An enhanced approach to selling and partnering enables us to invest in training and tools to help increase share with strategic customers aligning resources and ensuring we develop the right applications in the right markets – at the right time.


Operational Excellence and Global Reach

We specialise in low volume and high-mix products, that require complex factory set-ups. This enables us to remain extremely agile and innovative accelerating product development time.

An innovative self-help programme (introduced in 2020) expands our operational capabilities delivering world-class manufacturing capabilities enabling us to meet specific customer demand.


Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills remain critical to the future of our company and the industry. As such, TT remains actively committed in helping develop these skills with employees encouraged to participate in charitable and community activities to engage and encourage more interest in STEM subjects.


Encouraging (STEM) skills in Dallas

In March, Engineers Divina Ortiz, Michael Orona and Tze-Man Ko from our Chorpus Christi facilitry in Dallas, Texas visited the local school where they demonstrated the sputtering process to 150 students, using a funnel designed by a 3D printer and ping-pong balls.

TT Electronics Joins Yeovilton Air Day

Recently, TT’s Barnstaple, UK team hosted a stand in the STEM hangar at Yeovilton Air Day - setting up a display which contained models and information of our capabilties within our Power Electronics division. Other highlights included, interactive experiments, “Human Circuit Challenge”, Squishy Circuits”, and a “Light Up LED Box”.