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At TT Electronics we invest significant resources in attracting, motivating and retaining the talented engineers, designers, administrators and technicians of tomorrow.

Our 3-month summer internships are designed to help you build the knowledge, insight and expertise to get ahead of the competition and better prepare you for your career after graduation. You will work side by side with our talented, cross-functional teams on projects that matter. From day one, you’ll be given hands-on, meaningful work and expected to make a difference!

You’ll also love your prospects at TT where we are proud of our proven track-record of developing and transitioning our intern placements into full-time positions.


Make Your Mark

Hungry to see more, and believe you can help us build a better tomorrow, then we would love to hear from you?

It would be great if you’re studying an engineering, business-related, tech or scientific degree but we’re still interested in hearing from you if you’re taking a different path – after all, brilliance can be found everywhere. Whatever you’re studying, you’ll be expected to contribute, while developing the professional contacts that can boost your career


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Benefits of Internships

Internships Designed to Help You

Gain valuable work experience

Explore a career path

Give yourself an edge in the job market

Develop and refine skills

Network with professionals in the field

Easier transition into full-time role

Intern Testimonials

Two Intern Positions Leading to One Full-time Position

Engineering Intern

I began my test engineering internship with TT Electronics in summer 2019 right before my final year of college. I had some hands on experience through courses and labs that I’ve taken, but I lacked the professional experience. My initial phone interview went very well and they asked me to come in for an in person interview. I was given a tour of the building and spoke with some of the team who were very pleasant.

Initially, I was given projects that helped me learn the different types of equipment TT uses, and the different customers we work with. This was the perfect way to begin. Everyone on the team welcomed me and helped me learn the ropes quickly. Eventually I began writing and editing procedures and working with the team to troubleshoot test equipment. I met with different customers and gained relationships with them, which was a new experience for me.

I was asked to do a second consecutive internship with TT based on my performance and I immediately took it. By the end of my internship I was working alone on many projects and had learned so much from the technical side to the professional side of engineering. I have never worked with a company who has treated their workers with respect and value like TT does.

Before graduating I was offered a full time position as an NPI project engineer with TT. I knew that I wanted to stay with this company long term and I happily accepted. I have now been in this role for almost a year and will be relocating to a sister company in California. I have built so many relationships and learned so much through TT. This has been an amazing opportunity and I look forward to what the rest of my career with TT brings.

-Traci Y, United States

Marketing Intern to Full-time

Marketing Intern

I joined TT Electronics as a marketing intern over the summer of 2018 prior to beginning my Senior year at college. I had little experience in marketing aside from studying and was keen to add some much-needed practical knowledge to my resume. The interview process was simple, welcoming and well thought-out. My colleagues and co-workers were also really friendly and welcoming when I arrived.

From the first day, I was passed responsibility for live projects and that was a great experience for me – getting to work on global initiatives that mattered to the organization. I was supported throughout the process by my colleagues and the management team but was crucially allowed to use my own creativity and ideas. The proposals and solutions I presented were reviewed, considered and then implemented, which made me feel that I had really contributed during my internship and that I was valued.

I learned so much from my experience and even got to travel (something I loved) visiting and getting to understand how other sites operate as well as to attend training sessions to help broaden my knowledge.

Best of all, my performance during the internship earned me a full-time position – something I was thrilled to accept! It was a real blessing to have a full-time position doing something I loved waiting for me once I had graduated. It’s been two years now and I can honestly say that I haven’t looked back – I am so pleased that I took up the challenge!

-Paul M, United States

Engineering a Career

Engineering Intern

My first experience with TT Electronics was in the summer of 2017 as an engineering intern, just after my Junior year of college. While I had learned a lot regarding electronics and their theory in my curriculum, I did not have much experience on the application side, especially the manufacturing aspects. Initially, I had seen a “Now Hiring” sign up the road from the facility, and I stopped in and asked about any opportunities for internships there may have been. Before I knew it, we had scheduled the interview process for soon after.

That summer, I had spent half my time working for two different engineering departments, allowing for me to gain experience in multiple different environments and focuses. I enjoyed having varied work that would also keep me engaged, as well as continually learning. I felt that my time at TT in the summer of 2017 really gave me a very positive impression of the facility, as well as the manufacturing processes of electronics.

The following summer I contacted the company again to apply once more for an internship and was asked to return. As I was already now much more familiar with the facility, this internship had added responsibilities, and was even more challenging and engaging. I was really gaining the sense that my contributions were improving the shop’s processes. At the end of that summer, I was offered a full-time position and accepted it, and have been working here ever since!

The internship process was a very welcoming and educational experience that I am extremely thankful for. I did not have a lot of knowledge on the specific field that the positions were for, but I was able to learn very quickly during the process. The last three years have seemed to have gone by so quickly, and I look forward to the coming years!

-Justin Slike, United States

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