Are you struggling with your supply chain?

Do you need help scaling production?

Is communicating with your current EMS supplier frustrating?

Are you challenged with constant product obsolescence?

Are quality issues giving you a headache?

Have you outgrown your current supplier or have they outgrown you?

Does working with your current EMS supplier make you exhausted?

Avoid Quality Concerns And Strengthen Your Supply Chain with TT Electronics As Your Partner

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Optimise System Performance

Let us design a unique solution for your exact requirements to perfectly power your critical systems.

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Design To Requirements

Work with us engineer to engineer to develop a leading-edge solution, uniquely suited to the rigorous requirements of harsh environment applications.

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Meet Market Demands

Take advantage of our agile and experienced team and leave frustrations of missed deadlines and tight timescales behind.

Program Experience



Airbus A220

Laser Guided Munitions

Gulfstream G700, G650, G600, G550, G500, G450

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Mission Critical Solutions that are Built Off of Years of Defence Electronics Manufacturing Experience

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You’re Responsible for Delivering Mission-Critical Products.

As Your Partner, We Help You Get There.


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We greatly value the partnership with TT and know that we have a solid foundation to continue for years to come.
Keith Holman
Manager, Procurement

The Plan - 3 Simple Steps to Do Business With You

Discuss Your Custom Solution

1. Discuss Your Custom Solution

Discuss Your Custom Solution

2. Obtain Credibility Documentation and Evidence

Discuss Your Custom Solution

3. Start Your Project and Experience Greater Efficiency

Reduce Risk In Your Programs And Have Confidence In Your Ability To Deliver

At TT Electronics we know that you want to be the leading name in aerospace and defence systems development. In order to do that, you need reliable products that are not going to fail in harsh, mission-critical environments.

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Certifications & Regulatory Expertise

Certified to help you reach your goals with the highest quality custom aerospace & defence solutions.

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