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Are You Struggling With Your Supply Chain?

Do you need help scaling production?

Is communicating with your current EMS supplier frustrating?

Are you challenged with constant product obsolescence?

Are quality issues giving you a headache?

Have you outgrown your current supplier or have they outgrown you?

Does working with your current EMS supplier make you exhausted?

Is Your EMS Partner the Right Fit?

We understand the pressure that comes along with needing to meet customer commitments and the stress of being resource-constrained.

Every EMS company claims to serve the high-mix, low-volume markets. But do they really?

Maybe your experiencing increased operational needs or pressure to reduce costs, all while racing to maintain or become number one in a competitive market.

High-mix, low-volume is what we do best. From the way we set up our manufacturing lines, to the markets we are dedicated to, our entire business is built to support complex high-mix, low-volume needs in the most demanding markets which include Aerospace, Defence, and Medical.

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High-Mix Low-Volume (HMLV)

High-mix, low-volume manufacturing refers to a large variety of products in small quantities. We manufacture 4,000 different products annually with volumes ranging from 1 to 20,000 pieces per month. We’ve developed an entire global process founded on the support of complex high-mix, low-volume devices. We’ll solve your manufacturing challenges from design through fulfillment.



Active SKU’s in Our System

Volumes of


Per Month



Engineering Changes Per Month



Different Products Shipped Monthly



“Stranger” Products With No Forecast



“Runner/Repeater” Steady Demand

Global Manufacturing Solutions


Our team of engineers are here to guide and support OEMs through new product development.

  • New Product Introduction
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Test Development
  • Project Management
  • Design for Excellence
  • Design for Manufacturability
Engineering Support

Our team of engineers are here to guide and support OEMs through new product development.

  • New Product Introduction
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Test Development
  • Project Management
  • Design for Excellence
  • Design for Manufacturability
Manufacturing & Integration
Cable Harness & Interconnect
Testing Solutions
Speciality Services
TT Electronics is helping L-3 propel new technologies like the Lynx MSS forward and satisfy the evolving requirements of our market. We value TT Electronics’ deeply collaborative approach to customer relationships. The combination of local development support in the USA, backed by the ability to facilitate a seamless global transfer, is proving to be a hallmark of TT Electronics’ commitment to the aerospace market.
Jay LaFoy
President, L-3 Avionics Systems

Program Experience

Aerospace & Defence

Airbus A220
Laser Guided Munitions
Gulfstream G700, G650, G600, G550, G500, G450

Medical & Life Sciences

Urodynamic Testing systems
Mobile X-Ray Systems
Handheld Medical Spectroscopy Systems
Clinical Chemistry/Immunoassay Systems
Radiotherapy Equipment

We Operate Where Our Customers Need Us


Fairford, England

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Suzhou, Jiangsu

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Cleveland, Ohio

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Cardiff, South Wales

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Optimise and connect your industrial and commercial devices.

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Bring high-complexity medical and clinical products to market quickly and efficiently with specialised engineering and manufacturing.

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Aerospace & Defence

Meet the industry's most challenging demands with solutions that deliver peak performance for your mission-critical applications

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Certifications & Regulatory Expertise

Certified to help you reach your goals with the highest quality manufacturing services

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We're an Extension of Your Team

We do this by offering the structure and support of a large services provider, with the tailored approach of a speciality group.

We Help You:

  1. Maximise value and competitive advantage through supply chain management
  2. Relieve strained resources with dedicated account management teams
  3. Leverage personal local support combined with the power of a global footprint
  4. Unlock more value across the value chain
  5. Manufacture complex electronics requiring high-mix, low-volume production

As your business partner we seek to understand your vision and what you’re trying to do in the market. We work side-by-side with you through that journey to deliver a custom solution that ensures you can accomplish your vision.


How do you know an EMS Company is right for you?

Guide to Application, Contracting and Opportunity

Evaluating outsourcing options begins with knowing your core competencies (the thing you do best).

Once you completely understand that aspect, you'll be able to partner with a provider that offers more expertise and experience in other areas.

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