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Communications, night vision, blue force tracking and situational awareness have revolutionised a warfighter’s mission effectiveness. TT Electronics leads the rapid innovation and development of wearable electronics systems and components. These solutions improve a soldier’s mobility, offering reliable, comfortable and easy to use equipment.

Today’s soldier-borne systems include personal and tactical radios, tablet PDAs, active hearing protection, push-to-talk headsets, personal area networks and much more, with features such as magnetic connectors that help reduce weight as well as the cognitive burden of using such equipment.


Wearable electronic soldier systems in harsh environments require invisible power and data connectivity. mag-Net® is a groundbreaking connector solution that provides incredible ease-of-use and reliability.

Unlike circular barrel connectors, mag-Net® is a robust, flush rectangular solution with a self-aligning, automatic magnetic latching system, enabling the easiest one-handed blind mating.


Ultra Lightweight Push-Pull Connector

This product is a push-pull connector specifically designed for soldier-borne and man-portable defence applications. In comparison to other connectors of similar types, it offers simpler orientation alignment, greater sealing performance both mated and un-mated in conditions exceeding special forces requirements and excellent shell to shell continuity for minimised electronic signature - all in an ultra robust package for the most demanding field theatre environments.

The MABAC series is a complete range of miniature products with a MIL-DTL-38999 design, compliant with the harshest specifications including vibration, operating temperature, durability, corrosion resistance and EMI shielding.

TT Electronics’ range of RF power MOSFETs is one of the widest available and includes over 100 devices. There is a device for almost any application - from low cost to ultra high performance, from 750mW to over 400W and for frequencies to 1GHz.