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From global multinational enterprises to specialist manufacturers, industrial customers choose TT Electronics as their systems solutions partner for the most challenging applications.

We have a diverse product portfolio and work closely with global OEMs through the complete product lifecycle - from scope and specification, through prototyping and testing to final assembly. We provide worldwide reach in the fields of industrial automation and machinery, smart power management, instrumentation and industrial process control applications. This is enhanced by our industry-specific knowledge of motor drives, smart metering, circuit protection and power conversion and management.  


Some of the world's leading scientific and industrial instrumentation equipment manufacturers depend on TT Electronics' portfolio of high reliablity products and services. With our advanced electronic assembly facilities, we specialise in the design, system integration and fulfillment of equipment to ensure the fastest time to market.

Our technologies help minimise regulatory risks in mission-critical, harsh environments - from industrial monitoring and control systems, to power and communications devices. 

Oil and Gas 

TT Electronics plays an integral part in many different industrial control systems, including applications in oil field and refinery equipment. Our dedicated engineering teams use a broad range of technologies well-suited for demanding operating environments where quality requirements are extremely high.

TT Electronics’ global footprint allows us to provide solutions that address the challenges of exploration, distribution, downhole drilling, heat treatment and refining.


TT Electronics’ power management and control solutions employ a range of technologies to help our customers achieve economic efficiency.

These include high reliability sensors and switches, rotary position sensors, trimming potentiometers, power electronics, and power management solutions. Our aim is to ensure that your power stations and plants maintain performance integrity and operate safely.

Energy and Utilities 

TT Electronics has established a specialist engineering team to support its customers facing increasing demands in the rapidly evolving energy and utilities sector.

The team's longstanding applications experience includes electronic modules for renewable energy sources, power generation, transmission and distribution, smart grid/metering, water and wastewater treatment, irrigation systems and utilities monitoring. 

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TT has been a strong strategic partner to CASCO for over ten years. They always approach each project with professional expertise and a high level of collaboration. I look forward to continuing the mutually beneficial partnership, as work together to bring new, innovative and safe technologies to the rail transit market

Xiaobo Mei
Vice President Operations, CASCO

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