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Whether you are processing chemicals, synthetic fibres, papers, metals or glass, TT Electronics specialises in manufacturing key parts for factory automation machinery.  

Our high-performance electronic components and systems are ideal for use in continuous flow manufacturing systems.  We also manufacture components for ancillary equipment such as pumping, heating, fluid handling and refrigeration systems. TT’s leading-edge product line keeps your equipment running safely and at maximum capacity.

Automation and Manufacturing 

Serve your customers and yourselves by designing smart tools and equipment that improve efficiency, costs and performance of your factories.  We offer sensing, power management, connectivity and manufacturing services for automated machinery such as:

  • Packaging and delivery systems 
  • Conveyor belts 
  • Textile equipment 
  • Robotic arms 
  • Glass heat treatment

Industrial Machinery

Within the industrial machinery sector, many applications require a detailed understanding of the process involved.  TT Electronics is a proven partner in guiding customers through new product development and introduction, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing and testing phases. Whether in optoelectronics, passive devices, power electronics, cables or connectors, we work with global OEMs throughout their product lifecycles. 

We scope and specify designs and develop custom devices and adaptations.  We also support testing prototyping and optimising production strategies, including partnering with assembly and manufacturing teams, both in-house and contracted.