Are you struggling to find the right HMI partner for your rail application?

Do you need fully customized and integrated control panels?

Is your current HMI supplier letting you down?

Do you need to incorporate capacitive switching or backlighting into your HMI?

Are you looking to improve the interface of your GSMR communication, GUI and switch panels?

Are you struggling to meet design and size requirements for your HMI?

Do you need support certifying a solution to the latest rail industry standards?

Develop High Reliability Rail Solutions with TT Electronics

Avoid Engineering Headaches - Get the exact solutions that you need when you partner with TT Electronics.

Increase Reliability - Eliminate the hassle so you can focus your resources on getting your product to market.

Meet Market Demands - Keep your customers happy by accelerating your time to market and meeting performance requirements.

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EN 50155 Electronic equipment to be used on rolling stock

BS EN 61373 Railway applications, rolling stock equipment, shock and vibration tests

EN 50121-3-2 Railway applications, electromagnetic compatibility – Part 3-2 rolling stock, apparatus

IRIS Rail Standard

ISO:9001 Certification

High Power Circular Connectors

Get a custom rail electronics solution

Stop Struggling With Quality Issues And Develop A Reliable High Performance Solution With TT Electronics

With technology evolving exponentially, deadlines are tighter and performance standards are more stringent. With TT Electronics as your partner, you’ll reduce risk, you’ll develop a more reliable rail product and accelerate time to market.

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How do you know an EMS Company is right for you?

Guide to Application, Contracting and Opportunity

Evaluating outsourcing options begins with knowing your core competencies (the thing you do best).

Once you completely understand that aspect, you'll be able to partner with a provider that offers more expertise and experience in other areas.

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