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Photobiomodulation (PBM) offers a safe and effective treatment for Oral Mucositis with over 20 years of supporting clinical research. Unfortunately, limitations of current light-delivery technology had prevented its adoption sooner. MuReva’s new technology overcomes the current barriers and creates the first commercially viable, patient-friendly solution: the MuReva Phototherapy System.

The MuReva Phototherapy System utilises lightguide technology integrated into an illuminated mouthpiece capable of delivering a controlled dosage of light to all Oral Mucositis (OM) susceptible tissues. It is designed for therapy and prevention of OM in head and neck cancer patients effected by radiation treatment.

Disclaimer:  MuReva Phototherapy, Inc. does not currently offer medical devices for sale or distribution and the company’s technology has not received market clearance status by the U.S. FDA or any other country’s regulatory authority.

Comfortable: MuReva’s patented lightguide technology allows for controlled delivery of light in a patient-friendly format: thin, soft and flexible

Controlled: The mouthpiece is designed to simultaneously dose all OM-susceptible areas including back of throat in several minutes

Safe: The Light Control Unit contains all the electronics and utilizes a fiber-optic cable to transmit light to the mouthpiece without heat.

The Challenge

  • Modified standard power supply that meets a challenging medical application
  • Specific requirements that could not be met by standard power supply
  • Specific EMC issues

The Solution

TT identified and offered a 24V, 65W medical grade open frame power supply, providing Mureva an OTS elegant solution that met or exceeded all system performance requirements, packaged within the solution’s architecture (open frame power supply), and complied with required safety standards. TT, and our local channel partner, provided ongoing technical support while managing very dynamic supply chain disruptions to mitigate schedule risk.

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