Tribune Case Study

TT Electronics Helps Tribune Manufacture Innovative Fuel Saving Device in the UK

TT Electronics engaged with startup company Tribune Group Ltd. to design and manufacture a prototype engine control unit (ECU). Tribune’s development is based around an innovative new concept in respect of enhancement of fuel economy whilst significantly reducing exhaust emissions. The product named “The Alchemist” is a fuel saving device designed around a proprietary chemical reaction that is set to revolutionize the fight for a cleaner environment.

For many reasons, it was clear from the beginning that the collaboration between TT Electronics and Tribune was the “right fit”. As a technology provider, our main purpose is to engineer electronics that put our customers ahead of the game. Operational efficiency and dedicated teamwork were quintessential qualities when tasked with designing this game changing ECU.

Research and development is one of our strategic priorities and is undoubtedly a crucial investment to the future of any company. The partnership between TT Electronics and Tribune encompasses our objective of continuous development and is a positive step in our goal to retain our competitive advantage.

In addition to R&D, we also feel strongly towards our commitment to the ongoing initiatives of environmental and social responsibility. The exceptional work TT Electronics carried out with Tribune has gone a long way to reinforce this value as the environmental benefits of this product has far exceeded expectations.

The prototype units have been independently tested and the initial results observed significant fuel saving and reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and particulates.

As a result of a successful collaboration, “The Alchemist” is already receiving promising interest from several reputable companies across a diverse group of market sectors. Tribune acknowledges TT Electronics as a preferred supplier, appreciating that trust and flexibility are imperative ingredients for a lasting business relationship.Our proactive, customized approach to individual customer needs is what sets us apart from the competition, securing our customers in a market leading position and ultimately, ensuring mutual success.

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