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We work with medical device firms worldwide, including start-up companies, providing a wide range of products and services for medical device technologies. 

Bring high complexity medical and clinical products to market quickly and efficiently with a technology partner offering specialised engineering expertise. TT Electronics combines that expertise with manufacturing and clean room facilities that surpass the highest quality, regulatory, traceability and medical certification requirements. 

Medical Partnerships 

TT Electronics works with the world's leading medical equipment developers and manufacturers. With expertise in high reliability medical electronics and healthcare systems, we support independent design firms and contract manufacturers from design to production. 

Medical Market Innovation 

Our products have long been specified into medical devices and equipment across multiple medical applications, including diagnostics equipment, defibrilators and anaesthesia machines, imaging and laboratory equipment, patient monitoring systems, instrumentation and pharmaceutical delivery and dispensing systems. 

Medical Engineering 

Our engineers work from the early idea stage of product definition through production. With the use of simulation software and continuing research, TT Electronics has developed miniature coil manufacturing capabilities for navigation technologies. These assemblies feature ultra-fine 58 AWG wire winding and a wide variety of configurations (including unique-in-the-industry angular winding configurations) that allow for enhanced position sensing. 

Connected Healthcare

Our expertise in designing connected devices for the Internet of Things includes product design for wearable technology, home health monitoring and next generation assisted living equipment.

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