OBSOLETE Semi-precision power wirewound resistor







Alternative Part Number:



Series T
Application Precision
Mounting Through hole
Package Axial
Technology Wirewound
Approval None
Example MPN T10781000FLF
Termination Options
  • Pb-free
  • Pb-bearing
Power 10W
Rated Ambient Temperature 25°C
De-rate to 0W Ambient Temperature 275°C
Max Ambient Temperature 275°C
LEV 1.732kV
Resistance min 0.1Ω
Resistance max 150kΩ
Critical Resistance (where applying LEV dissipates Pr) -
Tolerance 0.1%
TCR 20ppm/°C
Isolation Voltage of Insulation -
RoHS Compliant (if Pb-free) Yes (see below)
RoHS Exemption None
China RoHS (if Pb-free) Compliant
REACH Status (if Pb-free) Reviewed to 235 SVHCs (see below)
CMRT Conflict Mineral Status Rev 6.22 Next update May 2023 (see below)
EMRT Extended Mineral Status CRT Rev 2.2 (see below)
Termination Finish (if Pb-free) e3 - Sn matt plated
Termination Finish (if Pb-bearing) 60/40
How to Specify Pb-Free Part number has LF suffix
Packing Bulk / box
Quantity 1000
Nett Weight Each -
Reflow Process Not applicable
MSL Not applicable
Wave Process Compatible, 260+-5 deg. C, 1 or 2 x 5+-1 seconds contact time
Shelf-life None defined, but solderability test prior to use is recommended after two years from date of manufacture
Launch Date Pre-2000
Lifecycle Obsolete
EOL Date / YTEOL Estimate EOL in Sep 2020
Latest PCN Date 01 Jun 20
Alternative Part Number NT1078 WHS10

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