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Our Modular Approach

TT Electronics have developed a modular approach to the manufacture of current sensors for use with electrical systems in harsh environments. The modular design allows you to select key sensor parameters so that TT can build a product to meet your tailored system requirements. The devices feature a range of hall-effect and rogowski sensors, amplifiers and digital converters. Together these modules enable economical solutions that are high in quality and performance.


Circuit boards have been developed to TRL5 standard ready for use in demanding harsh environment applications, specifically within aerospace and defence such as within electrical systems, generators and motor drives.

The modules are of a generic single-phase configuration, ready to be customised as part of an on-going development programme or an upgrade/retro-fit programme. The circuit boards can be coated, fully potted, built into a housing, or re-configured into multi-phase products by TT Electronics.

Current Sensor Modular Designs


See our application notes and explore our datasheets below for performance and user interface information.


List of Modules:


Part Type


HEC005 Hall sensor, range 400A to 1200A
HEC006 Buffered hall sensor, range 30A to 1200A
HEC001 Hall sensor amplifier
LCR011 Rogoswki coil sensor 400ac to 2000ac
LCR012  Rogowski amplifier (di/dt)
LCR013 Rogowski integrator and amplifier
LCR014                         Rogowski integrator and dual amplifier
(e.g. 400Aac, 2000A transient)
DOS001 12bit ADC, one or two channel, SPI interface