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TT Electronics manufactures precision, panel, trimmer and slide potentiometers ideal for industrial, professional audio, aerospace and defence, medical and transportation markets. 

Honeywell-Compatible Industrial Potentiometers

Has your device been declared end-of-life? Our Application Engineers can help you get the closest replacement. 

TT Electronics' potentiometer portfolio from BI Technologies can replace most of Honeywell's recently announced obsolete parts. Our product line offers similar package and pin-out replacements with superior performance.

Featured: Micro-Miniature Slide Potentiometers

Space-saving slide potentiometers from TT Electronics offer smooth and durable performance.  Watch the key highlights from 'All About Circuits' >>

Thomas Brooks

Global Product Line Director, Variables

Get expert advice on our new Micro-Miniature Slide Potentiometers from Thomas Brooks.  Thomas offers 20 years' experience in high technology product management and marketing.  

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