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TT Electronics designs and manufactures high performance semiconductor solutions, optimised for the mission-critical applications and harsh environments featured on globally-recognised aerospace, space, defence and industrial platforms.

Introducing Our Latest Innovation: New Space Electronics®

"Space is in our DNA. We've been supplying solutions for deep space missions for over 30 years witnessing our semiconductors visit Saturn and Jupiter as part of the Cassini-Huygens and Juno missions. We're also looking forward to seeing BepiColombo soon explore Mercury with the help of the product's we've designed and developed in Lutterworth.

However, closer to home there's a genuine challenge in new space flights in preventing further contamination of the low-earth orbit atmosphere. Mission licensing now demands that space agencies must know the components operational lifetime - to ensure appropriate deorbiting and decommissioning of satellites to leave no space debris in the atmosphere. This is where TT Electronics' New Space Electronics® play a role, as our solutions deliver cost effective screening using fully traceable and space proven die."

- Rob Coleman 

Higher volume satellite constellations in low earth orbit are driving a requirement for increasingly cost effective components. TT Electronics' New Space Electronics® team offers a solution that delivers reduced screening but fully traceable and proven space grade heritage.