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There's no substitute for experience when it comes to space applications.  Take advantage of our heritage in the in the traditional space industry with design successess dating back to 1977's Voyager II mission.

The breadth of our space solutions portfolio includes the design and manufacture of semiconductor and electromagnetics products for a variety of space, satellite and payload applications. 

Our teams have developed a wide range of discrete semiconductors, available in many different package options. In our Class 10,000 clean room, we build complete satellite harness sets and electromagnetics components, as well as test equipment for use in clean room environments

Discrete Semiconductors

TT Electronics' 40-year history of developing discrete semiconductors for the space industry has supplied more than 25 high profile mssions, including Galileo, Rosetta and Juno. From plantetary exploration to comet chasing, our parts have proven their worth in the traditional space market. 



TT Electronics' facilities in Barnstaple and Medina foster the design and manufacture of a broad range of electromagnetics solutions for the space industry, primarily featured in satellite applications, rocket launchers and space vehicles.

Our solutions include components such as cryogenic cooler coils and small stators, as well as unit level test equipment.  



TT Electronics plays an important role as one of the industry’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of optocouplers and Hall Effect sensors for Nano, Cube and traditional satellite requirements. We offer COTS and custom designs, all backed by an experienced applications engineering team and an extensive global technical sales network.


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