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Customised Membrane Switch Solutions

Customised Membrane Switch Solutions

Custom control panels using membrane switches, silicone keypads and metalized keys provide low-cost, high impact interface solutions with full design customisation and manufacturing.

PCB Based control panels, combining a keypad with a double sided or multilayer PCB will substitute the need of a support panel. We provide a turnkey service to populate the switching PCB plus any additional daughter PCBs with electronic components from your bill of materials saving space, interconnection and final assembly time. We can provide integration into complex sub-assemblies or provide a fully assembled and tested unit.

Graphic overlays can be used to enhance a product or to provide an easy clean unbroken cover for mechanical switches and display. They produce an attractive finish and boost the all- important corporate image and we utilise a full range of materials, inks and adhesives to offer the best solution for the application.

Materials include Polyester (textured, gloss or chrome effect finish), PVC (textured or gloss finish), Polycarbonate (textured or gloss finish) Stainless Steel foil (brushed, etched and printed), silicone and machined etched and filled aluminium.

We can also incorporate almost any HMI technologies including capacitive glide pads, joysticks, tracker balls, touch pads, mechanical switches TFT display and touch screen solutions.


  • Sealing to IP65, IP67 or IP69K

  • Tactile or non-tactile key response

  • Dome, Pillow or Rim embossing

  • Chemical and UV resistant overlay materials

  • RFI / EMC / ESD protection

  • Surface mount LED’s can be integrated into the membrane assembly           

  • Interchangeable Legends or Inserts

  • Colour matching via photo spectrometer and VeriVide

  • Various interface solutions including CanBus, RS485, I2C and USB