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Connectivity is key is key to sharing of data and bringing together systems that optimise efficiency and performance.

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  • Do you need to get an IoT solution deployed, fast?
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  • Are you experiencing reliability or security concerns?
  • Are you frustrated with your current R&D process ?
  • Do you need help developing IoT hardware?
  • Do you want an 'off the shelf' solution but with the added value of engineering support and customisation?

There are hundreds of IoT devices on the market today, however we don’t just provide the hardware, we will tailor the right solution to meet your needs through final customisation, integration of other devices, connectivity, cloud services and user experience. Our solutions enable OEMs to focus their resources wisely and develop IoT programmes quickly.

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In the fast paced world of IoT, the ability to get your product and IoT deployment to market fast is critical. Speed to Connect from TT Electronics is an innovative system that enables customers to deploy IoT solutions faster, smarter and more cost effective than ‘going it alone’. Scalable, flexible, secure and ready to deploy, fast. 

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A plug-and-play asset monitoring solution. The ruggedised kit, developed with patented solutions for positioning over the sub GHz frequency that allows for extended indoor and outdoor range, enables users to connect, sense and locate their assets in the toughest environments. Pre-certified hardware, ready for field deployment.


WIFIPLUG® for the Smart Home

WIFIPLUG® is the world’s smartest smart plug which works out of the box with every major voice platform. Features open developer API and unique patented energy meter to monitor and control equipment in the home. WIFIPLUG uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology.

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We provide R&D and engineering expertise for IoT solutions and connected products from dedicated design centres and global manufacturing locations. From prototype and NPI support through to volume production.

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