Single Illuminated Capacitive Switch Modules

Our CapSwitch® Products

Combining Capacitive Switching with Multi-Colour Backlighting

Our standard capacitive switch modules feature our innovative method of combining the benefits of capacitive switching with multi-colour area-specific backlighting which until now has only been available in custom designed HMI solutions.

20mm and 35mm versions are available suitable for mounting into panel thickness of up to 11mm and providing high brightness full RGB illumination of touch area with unmatched uniformity of Illumination. The solid state switch design has a non-latching output of 40mA max operating from a supply voltage of 6Vdc to 28Vdc. The 35mm version offers designers adjustable low, medium and high touch sensitivity to suit the application. The operating temperature of the switch modules is 0°C to 50°C.

This new, off the shelf standard backlit switching solution allows panel designers to prototype and evaluate HMI designs without the need to develop custom capacitive sensors and backlighting.


  • 20mm and 35mm versions (latching and non-latching functions)

  • High brightness

  • Full RGB illumination

  • Cable assembly available

TT Electronics’ illuminated, capacitive touch switches are a revolutionary design eliminating the need for panel cut-outs and the worry of ingress protection. When using these switches all you need to factor in when designing the panel lay out, is the position of the switches and the size of switches you require. Any glass, clear acrylic, plastic or similar panel sheet can be printed with your required design and these units simply stick to the back. The switch works through the panel giving full RGB illumination with an unmatched uniformity of illumination.