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Patented Thin Film Backlighting Technology

Thin film backlighting is a light-guide solution with embedded LEDs and capacitive switch sensors that provides illuminated control, display indicators and ambient lighting for user interfaces and illuminated control panels.
The patented thin film printed light-guide manufactured by TT Electronics uses specialised printing processes using side emitting LEDs embedded within the light-guide structure.
Thin film backlighting can be used on switches, keypads and keyboards. LGF backlighting can be directly placed over metal domes. Light transmitted through the tight area resulting in a uniform distribution, ensuring no light leakage between specific colours and areas.


Compared to other backlighting technologies, Thin Film Backlighting does not degrade over time and enables backlighting across larger areas with multiple colour options. Thin Film Backlighting provides a sleek yet durable solution that enhances user experience.

  • High impact
  • Ultra thin
  • Space and weight saving
  • Low power
  • High illumination uniformity – no hot spots
  • Precise illumination


  • Low profile, typically 1.5mm
  • RGB LEDs provide comprehensive colour options
  • Secret until lit configuration
  • Up to 13mm panel thickness (glass, acrylic or polycarbonate) for hostile environments
  • Can incorporate capacitive switches, slider controls, joysticks, tracker balls and displays
  • Offers various interface solutions including CanBus, RS485, I2C and USB