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TT Electronics is tackling the challenge of new space flights with traceable, innovative solutions.

Higher volume satellite constellations in low earth orbit are driving a requirement for increasingly cost effective components. TT Electronics' New Space Electronics® team offers a solution that delivers reduced screening but fully traceable and proven space grade heritage.


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Low earth orbit satellites are increasingly popular for enabling improved and more localised earth observation, surveillance and communication.

While deep space exploration demands component survivability for 20 years or more in the harshest of environments, higher volume satellite constellations in low earth orbit are driving a different requirement - cost effective components destined for operational use for just three to four years in more benign conditions.

As part of mission licensing, the space agencies that sanction launches must know the components operational lifetime - ensuring appropriate deorbiting and decommissioning of satellites and leaving no space debris in the atmosphere. This is where TT Electronics' New Space Electronics® play a role, as our solutions deliver cost effective screening using fully traceable and space proven die.

Our New Space Electronics® product range offers recognisable discrete components alongside standard multi-chip array configurations.