OBSOLETE Thick film metal glaze resistor








Series GF
Application General purpose
Mounting Through hole
Package Axial
Technology Metal film
Approval None
Example MPN GF601002FLF
Termination Options -
Product Brand IRC
Power 0.75W
Rated Ambient Temperature 70°C
De-rate to 0W Ambient Temperature 0°C
Max Ambient Temperature 0°C
LEV 350V
Resistance min 0.4Ω
Resistance max 2MΩ
Critical Resistance (where applying LEV dissipates Pr) 163.333kΩ
Tolerance 1%
TCR 50ppm/°C
Isolation Voltage of Insulation Unspecified: ?V
RoHS Compliant (if Pb-free) -
RoHS Exemption -
China RoHS (if Pb-free) -
REACH Status (if Pb-free) -
CMRT Conflict Mineral Status -
EMRT Extended Mineral Status -
Termination Finish (if Pb-free) e3 - Sn matt plated
Termination Finish (if Pb-bearing) 60/40
How to Specify Pb-Free Part number has LF suffix
Packing -
Quantity -
Nett Weight Each -
Reflow Process Not applicable
MSL Not applicable
Wave Process Compatible, 260+-5 deg. C, 1 or 2 x 5+-1 seconds contact time
Shelf-life None defined, but solderability test prior to use is recommended after two years from date of manufacture
Lifecycle Obsolete
EOL Date / YTEOL Estimate EOL in 2014
Latest PCN Date 30 Sep 16
Alternative Product No alternative

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